For now, the AR revolution is still under development. But let us give you a brief glance into the future…  

In the near future, the real physical world will be mixed with an interconnected layer of Augmented Reality. And people will tap into it whenever the need arises.

Tropos AR is the world’s first advertisement network that uses Augmented Reality as its medium. We upgrade Out-Of-Home consumer experiences, ranging from physical shopping, sporting events, cinema, travel & tourism to art, culture and more. Tropos AR believes in consumerism. However, we see the need for a vastly upgraded customer journey. One where physical consumer events can record and leverage data, to finally compete against all forms of online competition. 

To offer instant added value across all these markets, we combine advertisement with a a digital version of the coupon. These various forms of coupons, driven by blockchain technology, vastly reduce transaction costs and open the market to a broad range of new ideas. Ideas that have zero placement cost, as using Augmented Reality to place an ad is free. 

This allows us to offer advertisement or ad/entertainment hybrid content without financial risk. At its core, the Tropos AR ad network works on a ‘No Cure, No Pay’ approach, which is unique in the advertisement world. We only make money, when out clients, the advertisers, make money. So our goal is to help build healthy Out-Of-Home consumer markets. If we do that today, we get to come to work tomorrow. If not, we don’t.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


Tropos AR has been in close contact with consumers, inquiring them about how they’d like to see their Out-of-Home experience to be digitally enhanced. On top of just about anyone’s list where being rewarded with real value and not being disturbed during leisure time. They have become immune to banner advertisement, videos, and social media ads. And everyone hates that Googling a product results in being stalked by advertisement of that product for weeks on end. Consumers are okay with ad-like content. As long as it’s fun to use and there’s a something to gain from each interaction.

100% aimed at Out-of-Home consumerism.

​​Solving big problems​

Tropos AR tackles an increasingly prevalent issue for physical consumer events. The rise of online alternatives. Consumers now spend more online than ever before, with a 15.3% rise against the high-street in 2018. The simplicity of online entertainment and purchasing  demotivates consumers from leaving their home. But all of that is about to change due to Tropos AR’s innovative technology. For the first time in history, owners of physical consumer events can start gathering data, track consumer behaviour, and digitally enhance the experience deeper and more detailed than any online counterpart can. This way, you get accurate real-time consumer behaviour of people that are in the immediate surrounding of your store, or are attending your event.                   


Consumer focussed advertisement.

​At Tropos AR, we believe in putting consumer satisfaction above all else. If they love the way we do advertisement, all other stakeholders will flourish. So our focus is on them. Aside from earning cash-back, consumers will see content that will touch them on an emotional level. To name just one of the many examples: Users of Tropos AR will have the ability to send their best clients an Augmented Reality gift on their birthday, simply by dropping it right on their doorstep or in their back garden. AR can basically monetize every location, anywhere in the world. And consumers will get to decide what they see, and where they see it. And as they start using the Tropos AR network more, they’ll unlock a wide range of AR content built to connect with them on an emotional level.​

Reinforcement Learning Eclipsing consumer data tracking.

​The true power of today’s advertisement world is the data it generates. Tracking consumer behaviour and being able to react to that on an individual level, without spending manpower, is what gives webshops it’s edge. Not only does Tropos AR do all of those things, our network does one thing the current technology can’t: we record exactly what the consumer looks at. Tests have shown that consumers use their phone’s camera lens as an extension of their eye. By tapping into that stream of data, we can even know what details they’ve been looking at. So while today’s advertisement market is still 2D and can only tell you which banner was clicked and where on a webshop the mouse cursor has been, advertisement in AR brings that data collection into the 3D world. As owner of a physical store or other Out-of-Home event, you’ll be head of the curve when it comes to big data.                   

​​‘Solid’ consumer data.

In today’s advertisement world, advertisers get to access a small part of the data they generate for free. The bigger stream of data gets sold off to other corporations, who then turn it into sellable services which that same advertiser has to pay for, again. They’re made to pay multiple times for something that was created with a resource they generated. Tropos AR follows renowned MIT professor Tim Berners-Lee personal data philosophy. Users own their data. And we give them the incentive to share it with retailer and event owners. With this new transparent system, Tropos AR helps build trust between consumers and brands. So they can leverage that data in an ethical way.                  


AR as a space to communicate.

​Augmented Reality is going to revolutionise the way in which consumers and citizens interact with each other. Tropos AR will be the first platform that allows consumers to create geolocation linked Augmented Reality content which becomes part of the world forever. “Welcome to the ‘Your Surname’ family home” signs floating above houses, playing chess against a friend on a huge board in your garden, or playing battleships against a neighbour by using the hedge or fence between properties. The possibilities are truly endless. All of this will be available in one continuous Augmented Reality layer.​

​Be part of the AR future.

​Augmented Reality has long past the point of ‘something that will happen in the future’. Bunny ears on babies, Pokémon’s on your town’s square, … consumers have embraced this technology without hesitation. At this point, AR is about to make the jump from Innovators to Early Adopters. And Tropos AR will reward those who make that jump with the coolest of the cool. As a brand or entity, Tropos AR will help you ‘claim’ your AR identity and become a leader in this next cycle of technological innovation.

Augmented Reality is just getting started...

The Tropos AR network has been built from the ground up to focus on Out-of-Home experiences. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t offer our customers the tools to reach their audience at other times. What is capable in AR surpasses everything possible within traditional advertisement channels. Dropping gifts into your best customers’ backyard, interactive product teasers that can be passed on from one consumer to the next, gamification driven content that builds team spirit in the days before a big sporting match, the list is endless. All of it supported by state-of-the-art gamification, allowing the consumer to once again enjoy advertisement.V