A New Reality

There’s a tidal wave of technological advancement coming. Wolvenhall is here to help you ride it.

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Today’s Augmented Reality is deemed ‘mindblowing’ by those who experience it, but few realize that today’s AR is just the beginning. If one would draw comparison to the videogame industry, the Magic Leap or Microsoft’s Hololens are the equivalent of Pong and the Atari 2600. 

For now, the AR revolution is still under development. But let us give you a brief glance into the future… 

In the near future, the real physical world will be mixed with an interconnected layer of Augmented Reality. And people will tap into it whenever the need arises. Maintenance personnel will wear goggles that shows them what needs to be mended, and how, hospital visitors will receive goggles that act as a step by step guide throughout their visit, school children will experience cultural info through their phones when visiting a historical site and shopping district visitors will pull virtual reduction coupons out of the air, before buying their favorite product.

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Augmented Reality will be everywhere, for everyone. Self driving car services will be cheaper when you switch on Augmented Reality advertisement shown on it’s window screens and each individual’s world will be tailor made according to his or her needs. 

Wolvenhall combines world class expertise in big data, machine learning and A.I. with the cutting edge of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality. We make real world, tangible products, altering the bottom line of your business.