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Staff Augmentation Benefits

  • Staff augmentation offers businesses and corporations a great deal of flexibility when it comes to scaling up or scaling down their teams — minus the hassle of having to worry about recruiting, hiring, and then dealing with the expenses that come with full-time employees.

  • Supplemental staff work directly with your in-house team, giving managers direct oversight over how temporary hires integrate and cooperate with your employees. An added bonus is that your full-time staff won’t have to worry about job security, or be threatened by additional talent coming in from technical staffing firms, as these newest team members are only working on a project on a short-term basis.

  • The staff augmentation model makes it much easier to locate, and then integrate external engineers into an internal team, as compared to working with an outsourcing vendor’s team, which often comes with deep-seated cultural and technological differences that can be hard to align with your company’s goals, thus creating potential compatibility issues and challenges.

  • With staff augmentation, you can quickly fill in-house skill gaps with outside talent. And if used correctly, the augmentation model can also save you money by reducing general overhead costs, and the associated expenditures that come with hiring and training new employees.